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Things to do in Glenshiel

Updated: May 16, 2022

Here at Chocolates of Glenshiel, we love lots about what we do. We love our beautiful, handmade Scottish chocolates; we love working with some of the finest food and drink producers in Scotland; and we absolutely love where we work, in the beautiful Glenshiel area of the Scottish Highlands.

This summer, we are reopening our chocolate shop and visitor centre and we know that many of our customers are hoping to make the journey up to Glenshiel to see us. Whilst you're here, you might be wondering what else there is to do in Glenshiel. So here’s a handy list of some of our favourite things to do in Glenshiel and the surrounding area.

Eilean Donan

If you drive 15 minutes along the main road towards the Isle of Skye, you will find one of the most iconic castles in Scotland. Eilean Donan Castle is one of the prettiest and most photographed castles in Scotland. It is also situated at the head of three lochs-Loch Duich, Loch Long and Loch Alsh.

Manuela’s Wee Bakery

After you’ve spent some time taking pictures of Eilean Donan Castle, you might want to drop by a unique bakery just along the road in Ardelve. Manuela’s Wee Bakery and Takeaway is a magical little spot, where you can enjoy fresh baking whilst enjoying a stroll around a fairytale garden. It really is an experience you won’t find anywhere else!

Glenelg Ferry

Looking for a unique way of going over the sea to Skye? Look no further than the Glenelg Ferry. This little ferry is the last turntable ferry in the world, meaning that you get a completely unique, once in a lifetime experience when you travel on this little community owned ferry. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to spot some local wildlife, such as seals, porpoises and dolphins, and maybe even a sea eagle.

Lochalsh Dirty 30/Dirty Dozen

If walking in the beautiful Highland hills is more your thing, you should check out the route for the Lochalsh Dirty 30. This 30 mile route through Glenshiel and over the hill to Glenelg is certainly tough but allows for plenty of time spend in the beautiful Highland countryside. If thirty miles seems like a lot for a leisurely stroll, there is another shorter path along the same route that is 12 miles long.

Totaig Broch

If getting up close to history is something you enjoy, Totaig Broch might be the place for you. This walk, starting from Letterfearn on the shores of Loch Duich, leads around the headland to the ruins of an iron age fortress. It is a fascinating walk and even has views across the loch to Eilean Donan Castle.

Five Sisters of Kintail

If you ask us what the most iconic view in Glenshiel is, we would probably say is the incredible Five Sisters of Kintail that we can see from our new chocolate centre. This tough walk includes three Munros and lasts between 8 and 10 hours, so it isn't for the faint of heart, but if you do accept the challenge you will get an excellent view over the whole of the Glenshiel area (including our new shop!)

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