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We're Crowdfunding!

When we decided to transform an old petrol station into the chocolate extravaganza we've always dreamed of, we knew it was going to be a huge undertaking. And it is.

The shop has such potential. It's in the perfect location for us; the surrounding views are spectacular and the building itself has such great bones. However, when we got the keys in late June it was very clear to us that there was lots of work to be done before we could welcome any of you lovely people in!

So far, we're super proud of the work we've done and how far we've come. We've managed to get the shop open and selling some chocolate (of course) as well as some of our favourite Scottish goodies and the cafe is serving delicious coffee, cakes and ice cream.

Have a look through some of our before and after shots!

But, at the moment we have a cafe and Scottish gift shop - not a chocolate visitor experience! In order to create that, we need to bring the chocolate kitchen down here to Shiel Bridge, alongside some other things. And to do those things, we're asking for your support.

Here's Finlay to give you a wee tour of our new space and fill you in on our hopes for it.

In order to make this happen, we're asking for your help. A contribution from you would really mean the world to us. It would allow us to create something very special here for everyone to enjoy. We're not asking for money for nothing though, we have some very exciting perks for you! Check out our Indiegogo page to see what perks we have on offer and to find out more about what we're planning.

Thank you!

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