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We're crowdfunding!

Help us build a chocolate experience like no other!

We got the keys to the old Shiel Shop filling station in late June and got to work straight away.

We had a very big job on our hands, but we think we've done a pretty good job!

Now, we've finally moved into our new place in Shiel Bridge and we're absolutely loving it. It's so great to have somewhere to meet and greet our wonderful customers and showcase our chocolate (and some of our ingredients too!). Our wee coffee shop is fab, but we have some big ambitions for this place. We want to create a really exciting chocolate visitor experience in Glenshiel - complete with a chocolate kitchen and tasting room.

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With your help we know we can create something really special here in our wee corner of the Highlands. We would be so appreciative of your support. 

Check out our campaign page to find out more about our goals and what perks we have on offer for our supporters!

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